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5 Things Every Bride Should Do First

Updated: Feb 13, 2020

Congratulations! You're engaged!

You can't believe this moment has finally come. You wake up the day after and you're so full of excitement and joy. You're itching to get started with the planning process. But, no matter how many wedding blogs you've read or how many weddings you've been to, big moments can make us feel paralyzed. Suddenly you have no idea where to begin. You realize you're going to have to make hundreds of decisions over the next couple months and that's enough to stress out anybody. Here are our tips for the first 5 things every bride-to-be should do!

1. Enjoy the Moment

The first thing every bride should do is resist the urge to stress out and plan the moment you get engaged. I know, you've been thinking about this for years. But you have time! The best thing you can do is simply enjoy the moment. After it's all said and done you'll look back and wish you had taken the time to capture more memories and mental pictures. Enjoy each other, enjoy the moment, celebrate well.

2. Share the News

Again, before you get to the planning, share the news! Share with everyone. Big life moments aren't just about us, they're also about our friends and family sharing in our happiness. Take time to share with friends and family. The more personal the better! Also, this is the first step toward building your guest list. Big life moments have a way of showing us which friends are truly in our corner and are most excited to support and celebrate us.

3. Pick a Date

Before you can plan anything, you have to choose a date for your day. This might seem obvious and overly simple, but it can actually be a little tricky. Between coordinating family schedules, work schedules, location, and weather, you'll want all the time you can get. Pick a date early and lock it in.

4. Make a Budget

Unless you're rolling with a massive budget, every wedding is a careful game of choosing what you really need over what you kinda want. Don't start spending until you've figured out your bottom line and budgeted for the big stuff first. The venue, photographer, dress, catering, etc. All the essentials should be planned for first even if you're just working with rough estimates. You don't want to get your expectations too high before you face the reality of cost. But once you have a budget, stop stressing about money. Weddings are just expensive. They don't have to be, but usually, they are.

5. Make a Plan

Finally, get started planning. Do a quick google search! There are all kinds of resources you can find out there for a DIY planning process. At Wildwood, we're working on developing some resources to help brides who want to plan their day. But, if you're looking to plan a wedding with minimal stress, hire someone to help. Before I started working with brides I thought it was a luxury to have a coordinator. After being part of dozens of weddings and planning many, I'm convinced there's a priceless value brought by having someone help you. As a bride, you really can't do it all. The most important thing is being present with the person you love most.

Stay tuned for more posts! And get planning! Wedding season is right around the corner.

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