Meredith Brown/Coordinator
Wedding and Event Coordinator

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Meet our Coordinator Meredith !


The first thing she wants you to know is that she loves exceptional moments.


It is her joy to help orchestrate an event that leaves a mark on you for years to come.  This is what drew her to weddings in the first place, the impact of what that day means to the rest of that persons life. Meredith has always been known for her desire to know and love people. She loves stories and the uniqueness that makes someone who they are. This has set her apart when it comes to weddings and events!  It is such a joy for her to help you create and plan some of the most meaningful days of your life. She’s got an eye for the big picture while being skilled in the detailed aspects that are  needed to make someone’s specific dream a reality. Her ability to organize, attention to detail, and way she relates to people makes her an exceptional choice to coordinate your special day.

It's simple, tell her what your dreaming about for your wedding or event, and she will help you make it happen! 


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.